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Bat Threats

Even though bats are highly adaptable creatures, there are some elements in society that can be huge problems for them. These problems have been identified as threats to the ultimate survival of the bat.

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Bats in Mythology

The ideals found in mythology continue to bring animal attributes to humans. The ties from the two help us to see how we are the same as many animals.

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Bats and Humans

It seems that the issue over bats is one where many humans are divided. Many people are afraid of them due to what they have heard about them. Others are intimidated by a creatures that lurks around at night making high pitched sounds and has sharp teeth.

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Bats in Popular Culture

The culture of bats is one that goes back very far in history. The legends of vampires and Dracula around Transylvania continue to be great stories. They have been tales passed along for generations.

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